North Oxford Speakers

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2nd and 4th Monday

of each month

(except bank holidays)


7:30pm to 9:30pm


Come to North Oxford Speakers and see how you can

improve your public speaking skills!



• What we'll do

North Oxford Speakers is looking forward to welcoming members, friends and the public, to join us for a fun and interactive meeting.


We will show you how Toastmasters can help YOU to develop your public speaking skills and how to use your voice, gestures and speech structure in a way that keeps your audience engaged.


In the meetings, you will have access to free wifi and a projector, so it would be a good chance to practise presentations you may need to do in your workplace.


We'll also have an impromptu speaking sessions for you to take part in - but only if you want to, otherwise hang back, learn and enjoy the meeting!


• What to bring

Your listening ears, your verbal dexterity, an open mind - and a friend!


• Important to know

There will be no charge for this fun experience.


Wheelchair accessible and disabled toilets too.